Best Cocktails in Utrecht!

Right in the middle of Utrecht very close to the Dom Tower there is the Best Cocktailbar in Utrecht!
Behind Bars Cocktailbar is a high-end cocktailbar with the cosy feeling of a living room.
Are you in for some outstanding cocktails, amazing punchbowls or the most special rums and Japanese whisky's on the planet?
Come and join us for a drink at Hamburgerstraat 14.


The Classics

Always wanted to know what ingredients go into a Caipirinha, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Margarita or Mojito?
During the cocktailworkshop you will learn the basic skills how to make a classic cocktail.

Price: €29,50 p.p.

Tiki Workshop

Don the Beachcomber created the style of the tiki cocktail, he was inspired by travelling to the Polynesian islands.
During the tiki workshop you will learn the history of tiki and how to create these exotic cocktails.

Price: €32,50 p.p.

Bubbles and cocktails

If opening a bottle of sparkling wine with a sword is on your bucketlist, this is the workshop for you!
During this workshop you will learn how to saber a bottle of sparking wine.

Price: €37,50 p.p.

In every workshop you will learn how to make three cocktails. All workshops are for 8 to 12 people and will last about 90 minutes.


Japanese whisky
Japanese whisky was chosen World's Best Whisky in 2014. This tasting is to learn more about the different styles in Japanese whisky. We offer two different tastings: NAS tasting (with Hibiki) and Age Statement tasting (with Hibiki 17yrs).

Price NAS: €34,50 p.p. Price Age Statement: €89,50 p.p. Duration: 120 minutes.

Gin & Tonic
Tasting different kinds of Gin, from traditional to new age and from all over the world (like Gin from Japan). Includes five differents styles of Gin.

Price: €29,50 p.p. Duration: 90 minutes.

Rum is one of the best known drinks around the world. During the tasting you will travel to the Caribbean and discover traditional, modern, white and brown rums.

Price: €29,50 p.p. Duration: 90 minutes.

The bourbon tasting is about bourbon, sour mash and rye whisky. What are the differences and what makes a bourbon so unique?

Price: €29,50 p.p. Duration: 90 minutes.

A tasting includes six different glasses. All tastings are for 8 to 12 people.
Would you like a custom tasting event? Please contact us.


Always wanted to have a party in a real cocktailbar?

Behind Bars Cocktailbar is a great place for parties up to 35 people.
The location of Behind Bars Cocktailbar is available on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Other days of the week are optional, contact us for more information.


Address: Hamburgerstraat 14, 3512 NR Utrecht

Reservations only for groups of 12 people or more

Phone: 0638076250


During the holidays:
Closed 24th of December
Open 25th of December from 20:00-01:00
Open 26th of December from 20:00-01:00
Closed 1st of January

The rest of the year:
Monday: 18:00-00.00
Tuesday: 18:00-00.00
Wednesday: 18:00-00.00
Thursday: 18:00-02.00
Friday: 17:00-03.00
Saturday: 17:00-03.00
Sunday: 18:00-00.00

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